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Escapistan currently has 2 escape room in operation, design to accommodate groups of 2-6 members each. Family Friendly - Pakistan's real life escape game 1) 187 KILLS- Storyline. One late night while walking home, you witness something you shouldn't have. You try to run but are caught midway. Next thing you know, you are locked away in what seems like a warehouse. "The serial killer strikes again - 187 kills" reads the newspaper heading the next day. The killer has gone out, and so you have to find your way. 2) BLACK HEART- Storyline. Deep within the Black house is hidden a Black Heart. Whoever possesses it, controls the Enchantress. An old man has had it for years, and now you wish to do the same. Find the heart to release the witch, and make her forever in your debt. Escapistan is Pakistan's real life escape game in Karachi | Buy Tickets Online by Bookkaru

Activity Policy

1) Purchased Tickets are Non-Refundable. 2) Purchased Tickets are Non-Transferable. 3) Maximum 10 Players are allowed in the 187 Kills Escape Room at a time. 4) Maximum 08 Players are allowed in the Black Heart Escape Room at a time.