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Frequently Asked Questions

What Online tickets does Bookkaru provide?

Bookkaru offers bookings which include;

How do I buy a ticket on Bookkaru?

  • Booking your tickets online is simple and quick, just visit our website or mobile apps. 
  • Select Booking module (Bus, Train, Airline, Events, Sports and Tours)
  • Choose your departure, destination, date and seat. 
  • Select available payment methods and pay.
  • You'll receive confirmation after checkout.

What happens when my schedule/service is cancelled?

We'll make every effort to ensure that your travel is not affected by providing alternate services to help you reach the destination. 

Does Bookkaru charge extra for online tickets?

Bookkaru has an innovative way of providing bus tickets that is cost-effective, easy to use and reliable. Bus tickets on Bookkaru are priced at the same rate as those sold by partners in your destination city, Also we provide up to 30% discounts occasionally.

How does your boarding process work?

Please be at the pickup point 30 minutes prior to your departure. Make sure you have all of your belongings with you, including identification and any applicable tickets or reservation information for boarding purposes.

Why is it mandatory to provide my mobile number during booking the ticket(s)?

You must fill "Mobile Number" field while booking tickets. Your mobile number will be used to send Booking confirmation SMS and boarding point details, partner will be able to contact you quickly in case of any issue. 

I have not received booking details in my E-mail/SMS, what do I do?

If you did not receive an email after your confirmation of the booking, there can be two reasons: The electronic credit card or debit payment has failed. In this case, the purchase is cancelled by the system. The email ticket has ended up in the spam folder. Please check your bank statement first to see if your account/card was charged, Please contact us in order to solve this problem. If your account was not charged, then you can retry the booking. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Support Team.

Can I cancel my Bus tickets?

Yes. The tickets booked through Bookkaru can be cancelled before 2 hours of Departure.

Can I change my Bus Booking? (Departure, date and time)

Yes. The tickets booked through Bookkaru can be changed (2 hours before Departure) Just visit the booking page to change your booking and follow the process.

I missed the bus, am I eligible for a refund?

Bookkaru provides a 100% refund if the bus is missed due to either Bookkaru or its partner company's fault. However, if you miss your bus because of something that isn't directly related (for example waiting at the wrong pickup point or reaching late), there will be no return offered - so make sure everything goes smoothly.

I have cancelled my booking and when can I get the refund amount?

All refunds are processed instantly in Bookkaru Wallet, which customers can use for later bookings.

Is there any deduction in the Refund?

Bookkaru doesn’t charge any refund charges except for service charges collected. Some of our partners also has their own refund policy, you will be notified at the point of refund about refund charges.

What if I have additional Queries?

If you have any additional questions, comments or other general customer service inquiries, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 0311-1999-560.